Building the Future of Parking & Transportation

Key takeaways from SWPTA 2023


In the constantly changing world of parking and transportation management, organizations like The Southwest Parking and Transportation Association (SWPTA) make it easy and fun to stay informed. SWPTA hosts an annual conference bringing together parking leaders in the region and beyond. The association connects, educates and shares with a diverse group of parking and transportation professionals serving the Southwestern Region of the United States. That’s why TripShot was thrilled to attend, share goals and knowledge and explore the exciting intersections of shared transit, parking and more. 

3 Key Takeaways

  1. The Connections Between Parking and Transit
    There are opportunities for transportation professionals to manage both shared transit and parking on a campus or in a larger community. Modern transportation demand management (TDM) programs need to be flexible for commuters and also cost-effective for organizations. When an organization manages both its parking and shared transportation with one solution, data can automatically be aggregated, new efficiencies can be found and transportation departments can thrive. It’s time to make it easy to manage the day-to-day multimodal operations.
  2. Knowledge is Parking Power
    SWPTA’s annual conference is a gathering where attendees from all over the Southwestern United States and beyond can come together to share their ideas, experiences and goals. TripShot engaged in many conversations with participants, including parking facility managers, transportation departments, technology providers and others. These diverse interactions offer new opportunities for learning from each other. 
  3. Flexibility is the Future
    There’s a clear understanding that the future of transportation and parking is one that is interconnected, dynamic and open to new possibilities. Traditional notions of how parking and transportation can be managed are evolving to incorporate new ideas and new opportunities for efficiency and cost-savings. Campuses for universities, companies, hospitals and more need technology solutions that simplify the day-to-day operations and use of transportation programs. 

Solving Pain Points

We’re excited to take what we have learned from SWPTA and continue to improve our technology solutions. TripShot's vision for a transportation industry that is efficient, innovative and sustainable is one that is shared by so many other organizations and actors in this space. Together, we can approach the future of transportation and parking with common goals of accessibility, sustainability and convenience for all users. We look forward to continuing to participate in SWPTA.