College of Southern Nevada, Nevada State University and TripShot

Working Together to Improve Student Access


College of Southern Nevada (CSN), Nevada State University (NSU) and TripShot are solving the challenge of college student transportation access across the Las Vegas metropolitan area. This unique partnership between two colleges and TripShot removes the transportation barrier for students and promotes more equitable access to higher education in Southern Nevada. TripShot’s technology supports both colleges by addressing critical transportation needs, automating day-to-day tasks and streamlining operations. TripShot’s real-time tracking, enhanced announcement functionality and integration options all support these institutions in making their campuses more accessible.

  • Transit Mode Fixed Route

"Our transportation program is focused on improving access. Transportation is a huge barrier to education. If it weren’t for this program with TripShot, some students at our college wouldn’t be able to attend class. They now have a transportation option they can rely on. It has become part of their routine and it’s another way we can support our students from a holistic perspective, encouraging them to strive for academic excellence.”



Year after year, CSN and NSU identified transportation as one of the most important challenges for their students. The colleges understand that transportation is a fundamental need and will always be a factor in a student’s access to higher education, especially for low-income students. CSN and NSU needed a transportation technology solution that is intuitive for admins, drivers and riders.


CSN and NSU tapped TripShot to help them achieve their goals of supporting students, advancing equity and increasing access to transportation across their campuses. Shuttle operators can now easily understand their route and pick up students at convenient fixed route stops. Students can easily track shuttles, managing their expectations and giving them more autonomy to plan their day. TripShot’s announcements capability is very valuable to both colleges, they can now easily communicate with riders if there is a sudden delay. Both colleges desired to launch their services, across four different campuses, before the school year started and TripShot was able to implement this new service following the quick timeline.

  • Convenient fixed route stops
  • Communicate with riders quickly and easily
  • Quick launch time
three icons representing convenient fixed 
route stops, communicate with riders quickly and easily, quick launch time

"TripShot is the foundation of the success of our transportation program. The solution has allowed us to automate tasks, find new efficiencies and create a cost-effective transportation program. Also, TripShot listened to us and prioritized our tight implementation timeline. Working with TripShot through implementation to day-to-day operations has been in a spirit of collaboration, support and success.”



CSN and NSU’s shuttle program is increasing access to higher education across the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Their unique fixed route service supplements local public transit routes in other parts of the metropolitan area and offers students a more affordable transportation option than driving. CSN and NSU are an example of goals that can be mutually achieved with a flexible, unified transportation demand management solution. Because of this partnership, higher education has become more accessible for all students. Current students now have a choice to use a reliable transportation option that improves the rider experience.

  • +576% growth in ridership within the first two months
small circle with rider icon on top of a large circle with rider icon, depicting 576% growth in ridership within the first two months