Kaiser Permanente, REEF Technology and TripShot


TripShot moves Kaiser Permanente’s San Francisco campus transportation services into a new mobility era by delivering real-time information to dispatch, drivers and riders. These fixed routes are operated by REEF Technology and powered by TripShot’s mobility management solution. Together, TripShot and REEF Technology get Kaiser Permanente riders where they need to go, whether that’s between campuses or connecting to public transit options at Civic Center, Ferry Building and the Transbay Transit Center.

  • Transit Mode Fixed Route
  • 8-10 Vehicles in operation
  • Kaiser Permanente's shuttles are operated by REEF Technology

"After years of operations without GPS data, TripShot is modernizing operations. We can now analyze traffic conditions, vehicle tracking and a lot more in the TripShot dashboard. We transitioned from paper vehicle damage checks to TripShot’s easy driver vehicle incident reports, resulting in more driver accountability and more compliment from riders."



Before implementing TripShot for their fixed route operations, transit managers were unable to use GPS to track fleet vehicles. Shuttles were arriving to stops late or passing stops altogether. Riders were reporting arrival and departure time issues and operations had no way to pull data to verify and resolve rider complaints. Transit managers were also receiving idling citations from the local government and were unable to dispute them due to lack of fleet data. Kaiser Permanente and REEF Technology needed a technology solution that would deliver accurate ETAs and GPS tracking capabilities to better serve their campuses and provide riders with reliable transportation options.


TripShot enables transit managers to deliver extensive reporting, increasing accountability and efficiency for their transit system. TripShot’s Reporting feature makes it easier to receive and respond to service needs, allowing transit managers to address issues in real-time. These reporting tools also enable REEF Technology to procure standard and customizable reports for specific time periods with a variety of filters. Transit managers can set notifications in their instance and generate reports to identify shuttle drivers and monitor arrival times, runs, vehicle location, vehicle performance data, real-time passenger load, operator check-in, alert notifications and more.

Kaiser Permanente found it easy to train drivers and dispatchers on the TripShot platform. As well as direct training, all TripShot customers are provided access to TripShot’s training documents, knowledge base, powerpoint presentations and training videos.

  • Ridership reports by stop, route, trips and more. Exportable to various formats and APIs
  • Comprehensive training & ongoing 24/7 support


REEF Technology and Kaiser Permanente leverage TripShot’s leading navigation tools, gaining insight into real-time traffic and keeping their system delivering accurate vehicle location regardless of accidents or other disruptions. TripShot powers a more efficient and uncomplicated mobility management system for Kaiser Permanente and REEF Technology, resulting in improved rider satisfaction from accurate ETAs and less idling citations for operations.

  • 230,000+ riders since 2019