Horizon Health and TripShot

Scalable On-Demand Transportation to Expand Rural Access to Healthcare


The nonprofit addiction recovery organization, Horizon Health, had significant challenges with getting their patients to weekly appointments. Horizon Health decided to implement TripShot’s transportation demand management (TDM) solution. This resulted in intuitive on-demand transportation services for their patients, giving them better access to treatment and fostering interaction between patients and sponsors. Together, Horizon Health and TripShot are increasing access to life-changing addiction recovery services in rural communities.

  • Transit Mode On Demand

"We knew we couldn’t achieve our goals with pens and paper. We needed software that could route, monitor and control everything you might need when you have a vehicle fleet. After months of researching, we selected TripShot. If it weren’t for TripShot’s technology and the reliable support, we wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do today”



Transportation barriers have hindered addiction recovery treatment for decades, especially in rural areas. Lack of transportation often caused Horizon Health's patients to miss appointments. This problem posed a significant challenge to Horizon Health. The organization needed a transportation solution that could meet the unique needs of patients in addiction recovery


After months of research, the team at Horizon Health selected TripShot to solve these challenges with its flexible and comprehensive technology. TripShot’s Implementation & Training team supported a streamlined launch of this service and worked closely with the Horizon Health team to ensure their unique needs were met. Soon after, Horizon Health and its patients benefited from efficient on-demand trip scheduling and monitoring with a user-friendly interface.

  • Flexible technology
  • Streamlined implementation & training support
  • Efficient trip scheduling
Purple and green icons representing flexible techonology, training support and trip scheduling

"It’s almost impossible to find software that offers everything as a package deal. Typically, there is different software for scheduling, different software for routing, and different software for other components. However, TripShot offers one unified solution that makes it easy for us to run this transportation service.”



TripShot has been implemented at two treatment centers with Horizon Health planning to expand the service to a third. TripShot’s user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to monitor operations across multiple locations, helping Horizon Health expand its services and provide more people access to critical addiction recovery services. Implementing TripShot's scalable technology backed by customer support has resulted in on-demand services that are solving the problem of addiction recovery access in rural communities.

  • Reduced “no-show” appointment rate from 40% to 18% (September 2023 to March 2024)
  • Averaged 29% increase of passengers per week (September 2023 to March 2024)
Left graphic representing reduced “no-show” appointment rate from 40% to 18%. Right graphic representing averaged 29% increase of passengers per week