Using Data to Gamify Vanpool Ridership

Increase ridership and accountability with TripShot’s readily available data by gamifying and starting a rewards program

A Lightweight Vanpool Solution

TripShot makes managing Vanpool and Carpool for corporate, higher education and other types of campuses simple. Riders can use TripShot’s App to validate their rideshare; organizations get complete visibility with real-time reporting. Organizations can offer Vanpool and Carpool services to employees as an affordable commute alternative. They can also incentivize it with gamification and a rewards program.

Your Data, Even More Valuable

Whether using the unified TripShot platform for Fixed Route, On Demand, Parking, Vanpool, or other modes, the collective data is invaluable. Organizations can take usage data that is available including miles, hours, shared miles, shared hours, emissions savings, usage (days), and use it to track, incentivize, and gamify the experience. The TripShot Vanpool solution is lightweight, only requiring that members of the Vanpool have a smartphone capable of running the TripShot Rider App.

Gamify Your Campus

With ever-changing schedules and a lack of data tracking tools, it can be difficult to hold people accountable for using Vanpools. Using TripShot's solution will give you all of the information you need to ensure that the Vanpool services are being utilized correctly. This data can be collected from Vanpool usage and applied to rider reward tiers. 

An example is rewarding a student for using the Vanpool program 15 times a month with $25 at the bookstore, another is rewarding an employee that travels with 4 other people 10 times a month with company-branded swag, another could be larger, like reaching a certain number of emissions savings in a year and getting a discount on tuition.

Create New Incentives for Campus Transit

Starting a gamified transportation system or a rewards program can take work, but it’s easy to manage and track with TripShot’s built-in and seamless reporting and accountability. Gamification and rewards can boost ridership of campus transportation systems by making the transit option more attractive, reducing the use of single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs), and rightsizing parking facilities on campus, reducing parking management costs.