Transportation Technology Solutions Should be Built for All Customers

TripShot flexes to meet the needs of each customer

Customer Service Transit Professionals Expect

The proliferation of mobility management, CAD/AVL, AVS and other solutions on the market is extensive. Acquisitions, unexpected changes to operating terms, and sometimes proprietary hardware requirements have become common problems for transit professionals who rely on technology solutions for their systems. 

Transit professionals and their riders deserve more. They deserve a technology solution that grows with them and adapts to their unique service needs. One that embraces the latest technology and keeps their service at the forefront of innovation by including continuous software and new feature updates for all customers. 

TripShot’s unique partnership approach includes actively seeking to solve new transit challenges and evaluating new technologies of interest for our customers so that we can serve the current and future needs of your mobility system.

Maximum Scalability and Efficiency

TripShot’s mobility solution powers a more efficient transit system that scales when needed. Transit managers can optimize TripShot’s robust reporting features to maximize efficiency and easily make service changes to meet demand.

  • TripShot improves customer service, rider experience, and efficiency through a single operating system for riders, drivers and transit managers
  • TripShot's unified platform is built to scale and support new ideas to expand mobility service offerings. Admins have full control to set up new service modes, service zones and service restrictions

The Solution That Grows with You

TripShot is the right tool to solve the unique mobility problems on campuses and in communities. Whether a large corporate campus, sprawling higher education institution, a rural hospital or a different operation, our solution and our support team flex to your unique needs. Our fine-tuned process allows us to provide a predictable experience throughout each of our business-to-business relationships. The buying process sets the tone for a holistically supportive experience as your organization proceeds with TripShot and brings their system into the future of transportation demand management.