Streamline Your Organization's Transportation With TripShot's External Codes

Increase reliability for your riders

Shared Transportation - Even More Flexible

Even with a great transit system in place, you might still need to solve for unpredictability. Say a rider needs an emergency ride home, misses the last fixed route shuttle or needs to make a last-minute trip. TripShot's External Codes feature allows transit systems to offer individual riders codes for rideshare when they need it most.

Reduced Costs, Increased Vehicle Utilization

With TripShot's External Codes, it is now easier than ever for SOV drivers to try your transit program, knowing they can use a ride code in the case of an unexpected situation. This feature will entice more drivers to choose shuttles, decreasing the amount of SOVs at your organization and lowering costs for your transportation program. This will reduce traffic, parking demand and greenhouse gas emissions. By providing an undeniably reliable alternative, transportation systems can encourage riders to leave their cars at home and choose a more sustainable mode of transportation.

How It Works 

The concept is simple; when a rider is in a situation where they cannot take a shuttle or bus, they can use the ride code provided by the transportation system. The codes can be capped by transit admins and are assigned to each unique user in the TripShot Rider app. The code ensures that the rider will reach their destination safely and builds confidence in shared transportation options.

The Future of TDM

TripShot's External Codes is a powerful tool to reduce SOVs and their parking costs. This innovative feature provides flexibility, reliability and a safe alternative for riders who need to leave in an emergency or an unexpected situation. Transportation systems can encourage more riders to choose sustainable transportation modes, reducing traffic congestion, emissions and parking problems. The future of sustainable transportation looks bright, and TripShot's External Codes is just one step forward in that direction.