Say Hello at These Summer Events

Our team will be discussing campus transportation across the US this year

Connect with us at a Conference

Our TripShot Team members are excited to attend many upcoming industry-leading events. Here, we’ll explore how intuitive transportation solutions can support seamless return to office and hybrid work schedules. We’re looking forward to connecting with corporate and university campuses and talking about how a transportation program can help to support efficient commuting, achieve climate action goals and much more.

What conferences will TripShot attend this Summer?

Here are some upcoming events we plan to attend:

The Future of Transportation Programs

TripShot is excited to attend many conferences this year and showcase our solution for more flexible TDM for corporate and university campuses. We look forward to discussing how transportation technology can help corporate and university campuses to seamlessly return to office and/or manage hybrid schedules. We look forward to discussing how transportation demand management can support campuses to achieve climate action goals, increase efficiency and more.