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Recap: Transportation Camp 2023 

Transportation Camp brings together thinkers and doers in the fields of transportation & technology.

For years, Transportation Camp has brought together professionals working on transportation, studying transportation planning, or advocating for a system that works better for all. This year’s event highlighted large trends that continue to present new transportation system challenges. These trends include severe weather events fueled by climate change, the growing need for more resilient infrastructure and more opportunities for low-emissions travel. The event also touched on transit agencies that are still recovering from a reduced workforce and decreased revenues.

TripShot was excited to attend this annual event, meet with transportation advocates and strategize on how to solve some of the biggest challenges in transportation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Redefining “Innovation”
    Over the last decade, mobility innovation has become a buzzword. This has made it hard to differentiate between companies hellbent on profit and true innovators that are solving problems and creating a better world. The industry could benefit from a return to the best practices that have been established over decades, resulting in new opportunities to address climate change, equity and more. We can ask ourselves: what does it mean to be a reformer and a visionary for transportation innovation? 
  • Fixing Procurement in the Public Sector 
    Public sector procurement processes can be dated, slow and restrictive to new technology. RFPs can be restructured to be more inviting to respondents who are building solutions for the future of transportation demand management, rather than asking for companies to comply with restrictive hardware and limiting processes. 
  • Restoring Trust in the Private Sector
    The public transit industry and the public at large are wise to know when a company is successful, trustworthy and driven to deliver a great product for them. Companies that are providing true value to the industry or to general customers can simultaneously make a profit and grow. Companies can value and cultivate trust from day one, bringing immeasurable value to the product they are selling.

Recommitting to Transportation Solutions

Transportation Camp brought together industry thinkers who asked hard questions about the steps to get to a better transportation system for everyone. This annual event was a reminder for public and private sector decision-makers to evaluate their role in procuring and creating better transportation solutions that increase value and equip communities for the future.

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