On Demand Policy Builder

Enhanced personalization for On Demand fleets

On Demand, Customized

TripShot’s new On Demand Policy Builder allows for a new level of customization for on-demand transit systems. Admin users will be able to create Resource Rules and Ride Policies. This means that campus transportation providers can make new specifications to determine unique rules for on-demand trips. 

Resource Rules

Admin users now have more control over unique trip characteristics through Resource Rules. This can be used to determine which riders can be matched to a request. Admin users benefit from many different possible combinations of Resource Rules. Some examples include:

  • Identifying which vehicle drivers are allowed to operate a lift for riders with wheelchairs. Drivers can be tagged “lift trained.”
  • Providing premium vehicles for VIP clients. Riders can be given a Ride Class of “VIP” and vehicles can be tagged as “luxury.”
  • Manage the vehicle service area. If a request starts in a north zone and ends in an eastern zone, the vehicle should have a tag of “NE Area”
  • Manage the period of time that a start and end zone is allowable
  • Manage the combinations of start and end zones that are ineligible for service.

Ride Policies

Transportation professionals who use TripShot to manage their on-demand transit services can use advanced filtering capabilities. This functionality is available to transit systems large or small. To focus on vehicles currently in use, admins can easily apply the “Active” filter, allowing for simplified analysis of their day-to-day operations.

Other functionality, such as the “Delayed” filter, allows admins to easily review vehicles that might be delayed and then to provide proactive support. Easily toggling between filters makes it easy for admins to increase their operational efficiency and support a more seamless rider experience. 

More Personalization

TripShot’s On Demand Policy Builder makes on-demand transit more personalized for admins who aim to achieve new operational efficiencies. This new functionality also extends personalization to riders of on-demand services. TripShot is solving some of the most pressing problems in mobility and constantly updating to meet the changing needs of transit professionals and their riders. On Demand Policy Builder elevates the experience of managing and using on-demand transportation. Stay tuned for planned enhancements to this functionality in the coming months.