by Sara Khandaker, Software Developer at TripShot

What I learned at MobilityData’s International Summit

Data Standards and the Future of Transportation Demand Management

My Experience

As a TripShot software developer and as a self-proclaimed “transit-nerd,” I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend the MobilityData summit and contribute to the goals of data standardization for transportation. I’m passionate about transit and happy that I could meet others who want to see the industry continue to innovate and streamline data. 

My Takeaways

Build off Quality Data
The summit showcased the impact of good mobility. This is prefaced by access to good quality data which improves the health of the transportation system. TripShot shares a common goal of a future with reliable, sustainable transportation and high-quality mobility data should be at the core. 

Understand the Barriers and Issues in Mobility Data 
Both data producers and consumers identified the following most crucial barriers: consistency of data, interoperability and collaboration. This summit allowed me to understand our shared data issues and to gain better visibility into the challenges faced by TripShot customers and partners. 

Participate in Data Standardization
One of the main objectives of the summit was to guide the development of mobility data standards. Since TripShot is a producer and consumer of GTFS and other mobility data, we are a valuable asset to these discussions. 

Gain Technical Insight
At the GTFS Schedule validator walkthrough, I saw the new graphical interface that was launched and discussed adding it to a pipeline with fellow developers. At another GTFS developers workshop, I learned more about the details and distinctions of GTFS-Flex and GTFS On-Demand.

Building Community with Fellow Transit Nerds

My favorite part of the summit was most definitely the community. I left the summit feeling a strong affirmation in my chosen field and in the work that I do every day. I have a renewed hope for the future of transit and mobility and I’m excited to see how TripShot and others help us achieve the future of mobility for all.  

More about MobilityData

TripShot is a proud member of MobilityData, a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the access and quality of mobility data through data standardization (such as GTFS and GBFS). Its members include various stakeholders such as transportation agencies, software vendors, mobility apps and cities. The summit's goal was to bring stakeholders together to facilitate sharing of knowledge, challenges and solutions.