Key Takeaways from Shared Use Mobility Summit 2023

The Shared Use Mobility Summit (SUMC) convened policymakers, leading thinkers and industry experts to discuss the future of transportation and shared mobility.


SUMC Summit is an annual gathering of movers and shakers in public transportation and shared mobility. Each year, the conference is hosted in Chicago, bringing together thousands of professionals and advocates from the private, nonprofit and public sectors and many other industries. Attendees represent governments, tech startups, transit agencies, nonprofits, state/local departments of transportation (DOTs), transportation service providers, consultants and many others working to replace car-centric transportation with people-focused shared mobility that fights climate change, promotes equity and strengthens community.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Globally, shared transportation is the default
    Transportation leaders need to work together to make shared transportation more competitive in the US and in other countries dominated by single-occupancy vehicles. Technology can be a useful tool in this endeavor. Mobile apps, real-time data, and many more solutions can help to make shared transit more intuitive and convenient. Modes like on-demand shuttles, microtransit and other flexible services that can adapt to the specific needs of riders must be optimized. By making shared transit more accessible, technology leaders can help reduce the number of cars on the road and improve overall mobility.
  2. Shared Mobility is for all communities - big and small
    Shared mobility needs to be more flexible and intuitive everywhere from big cities to small rural communities. Rural transit operators and riders need technology partners that will exhibit and build trust with them over time so they can establish fixed route and on-demand services that are sustainable, reliable and cost-effective. TDM technology companies can rise to this occasion by providing streamlined booking systems, easy-to-use mobile apps and a dedication to growing long-term customers. We can support rural transit operators and riders with optimized route and schedule planning, improving service for riders and reducing costs. 
  3. Transit is a huge climate action strategy
    Transportation must be a part of achieving our planet’s climate action goals. TDM technology can help to make a significant impact. Leading with analytics and other data, TDM technology partners can identify where transit services can be improved and made more efficient with technology improvements. This can include expanding service zones, reducing wait times, optimizing routes and using electric or hybrid vehicles. We can also provide real-time information to riders about the environmental impact of their trips, encouraging them to choose more sustainable transportation options.

Solving Problems Together

The Shared Use Mobility Summit was a moment to convene a unique group of people and imagine a better future for all. As a TDM technology company, we are committed to uncovering the latest innovations to support more efficient and sustainable transit options for admins, drivers and riders around the world. We can help improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and create a more connected and sustainable future for all if we work together.