Key Takeaways from ACT International 2023

Convening with fellow TDM leaders to support the future of commuter transportation. 

ACT International Conference

ACT International, hosted by the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), is an annual conference that brings together transportation demand management (TDM) professionals from around the world to learn from each other and work together to support commuters. This event is attended by Fortune 500 companies, state/local departments of transportation (DOTs), metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), transit agencies, transportation service providers, consultants and many others solving some of the most pressing transportation challenges in their communities. 

3 Key Takeaways

During the conference, our team met with attendees, participated in sessions, and demonstrated how we solve commuter transportation problems. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Support Better Mobility for a Better World
    Although each person expresses this uniquely and approaches it differently, the hundreds of people gathered at ACT are united by a shared goal of “better mobility or a better world.” Between countless 1:1 conversations with people at the Tripshot booth, listening to inspiring keynote speakers, and more, it was clear that ACT is a community of professionals inspired and motivated to bring better transportation experience to commuters. 

    Listening to speakers with a deep passion for mobility change was particularly motivating. Olatunji Oboi Reed from Equiticity focused on how transportation must address systemic inequalities that often disproportionately affect marginalized communities. Equiticity is working hard to build accessible transportation, affordable housing and equal access to opportunities.
  • Prioritize Sustainability
    Climate change is becoming more of a threat every day. Commuters want to have a smaller carbon footprint. Employers can meet this call to action by having climate action goals and leading with sustainability efforts. When there is no other transportation option besides driving alone to and from campus, commuter transportation systems can be an excellent option. TDM leaders should highlight the positive climate impacts of shared and more efficient commuter transportation. 
  • Uniquely Develop a Campus Transportation Plan
    Whether a university, large company, public transit agency, or something else, every transportation system is different. TDM plans must focus on institutional goals, strategies to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips and expand choices for commuters. Organizations should solicit input from their riders and other internal stakeholders. TDM admins should asses plans by using data collection and community engagement.

Facing the Future

ACT International allows TDM leaders to strengthen their connections and learn from each other, thus strengthening their transit systems and mobility options for everyone. TripShot is supporting commuters as they continue to navigate the challenges of hybrid work schedules and the evolving needs of riders.

More about ACT

TripShot is proud to regularly attend, sponsor and exhibit at ACT International. ACT is the premier organization and leading advocate for commuter transportation and transportation demand management professionals. ACT strives to create an efficient multimodal transportation system by empowering the people, places and organizations working to advance TDM to improve commuters' quality of life, enhance the livability of communities and stimulate economic activity. For more information or to join ACT please go to: