Insights from Cal Transit & ACT TDM Forum 2023

Navigating the future of community transportation

Convening in California 

In the transportation industry, staying at the forefront of innovation isn’t just a goal but a necessity. As a leader in transportation demand management (TDM) technology, TripShot recently participated in the California Transit Association’s 58th Annual Fall Conference & Expo and the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) TDM Forum. Both of these events took place in California and spoke to the future of the transportation industry. 

California Transit Association Conference & Expo

California Transit Association’s mission is to support the needs of California’s public transit systems through advocacy and education. The conference & expo brought together leaders from across the state, providing three fast-moving days of solution-driven conversations, opportunities to connect with different attendees and an informative Expo that inspired attendees to take action. 

TripShot was pleased to connect with many small public transit operators. These transit systems play a critical role in keeping small and rural communities connected and served with transportation options. The conference emphasized the importance of supporting these systems, underscoring their impact on connecting people across the state of California. 

Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) TDM Forum

Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) TDM Forum brought together TDM professionals from across the US and beyond. Participants discussed challenges and solutions for commuters, reviewing some of the latest research and case studies, and supplying participants with new data and a deeper understanding of current industry trends.

The transportation industry is always changing and evolving. ACT’s TDM forum sessions address this reality, supporting TDM programs and professionals to stay aware of current issues and supply them with resources to thrive. The practical insights gained at this annual gathering are so valuable to the industry as we work together to find success.  

Key Takeaways

  • Collaboration is Key
    Both the Cal Transit Conference and the ACT TDM Forum underscored the value of collaboration to shape the future of public transportation in California and beyond. From the largest transit systems to the smallest service providers, there is a need to come together to address some of the biggest challenges. 
  • Innovating for Progress
    These two gatherings showed the need for innovation to drive progress across the transportation industry. To better serve riders, to meet climate action goals and to find success, transit systems need data-driven solutions and trustworthy technology partners.
  • Solving for Commuters
    ACT’s TDM Forum elevated the need for a unified and holistic approach to address the challenges of commuters. Staying informed by the latest research and aiming to address the diverse array of needs of commuters will position TDM professionals to develop more effective strategies. 

Moving Forward

TripShot is grateful to have attended both of these events and to gain more insights on how to solve some of the most pressing challenges in mobility. These conferences elevated the awareness of the current state of the transportation industry in California and across the US, paving the way for a better transit future. Our team left feeling more inspired than ever to build innovative solutions that will help support a more rider-centric and sustainable transportation industry.