How TripShot Supports Swift Implementation & Training

Our unified TDM solution is your fast track to efficiency

Efficiency is more than just a goal in transportation demand management (TDM), it’s a necessity. Riders continue to demand responsive and innovative transportation solutions as campuses and commutes continue to evolve. This is where TripShot can help. Our transportation management system, trusted by leading technology companies and universities, is flexible to meet the unique needs of your campus. After selecting TripShot, our streamlined implementation & training process begins to support a smooth, efficient and swift transition to our software.

Quickest Launch 9 Days - Average Launch 35 Days

Accelerated Deployment Means Immediate Impact 

Transportation admins and drivers deserve a time-sensitive Implementation & Training process. Our training goal is to be ready for riders within six weeks of starting training. This streamlined process is made possible through focused training and efficient implementation, including roughly four weeks of in-depth training followed by two weeks of hands-on implementation. We can implement faster launches on a case-by-case basis. As part of our dedication to supporting swift launches with our customers, we averaged 35 days for launches in Q4 2023.

Our methodical yet flexible approach supports a transportation demand management system configured to fit your unique campus requirements, supporting near-immediate enhancements in the reliability and efficiency of your transportation program. The goal of our Implementation & Training team is to empower your staff with knowledge and tools to maximize value from TripShot, supporting a seamless integration into your current operations.

Supporting Swift Implementation

It is sometimes a surprise to our customers that our implementation and training times are so short, but we are always striving to find more ways to be more efficient. TripShot's fastest launch to date took just nine days (Q4 2023). This included additional training after launch to ensure that our customers know how to continue to successfully manage their TripShot system. 

The adaptability and efficiency of our dedicated team and our flexible transportation solution are what set TripShot apart. Implementation & Training professionals at TripShot are committed to meeting the specific timelines needed on a customer-by-customer basis with precision and speed. 

Configurable Training for Tailored Success

Our comprehensive training program is the cornerstone of our Implementation & Training process. This process has been designed to be as inclusive and adaptable as possible, recognizing the diverse roles, responsibilities and needs of different types of campus transportation programs. Whether working with dispatchers, drivers, managers or others, our training supports every team member to use TripShot to its fullest potential. 

Our Implementation & Training experts work side-by-side with your team, supporting them with skills to enhance their transit offerings, reduce operational costs and support a better transportation experience on campus. By the end of Implementation & Training, your team will be familiar with TripShot and capable of operationalizing our fleet management software to achieve tangible results. 

Implementing the Future of Campus Transportation

Our commitment doesn’t end with Implementation & Training. TripShot is constantly innovating, releasing new features and capabilities and expanding our schedule transit solution to ensure that our customers are ready for the future of campus transportation as it unfolds. We support transportation programs to navigate this ever-changing industry and elevate their systems with our leading TDM solution. Our customers experience the efficiency, see the results and lead their campuses into a new era of streamlined campus transportation. 

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Data from this blog post was collected during Q4 2023.