How to Scale Your Vehicle Fleet with FlexRide

Tips for efficiently expanding the reach of your transportation program

Maximizing the efficiency of vehicle fleets is an important component of a successful transit program. Enter FlexRide, one of TripShot’s scheduled transit solutions and the ultimate ally in optimizing fleet scalability. FlexRide makes it easy to tackle the challenges of expanding service areas, grappling with driver shortages and improving the rider experience. FlexRide is a solution built for seamless vehicle fleet scaling.

FlexRide works by pooling similar ride requests and providing a dynamic route to get all riders to their destination on time. By aggregating rides, FlexRide allows transit programs to achieve lower operational costs than running on-demand transportation.

Efficiently Expand Service Area 

FlexRide combines the convenience of On Demand with the flexibility of Fixed Route transportation. When an organization deploys FlexRide, the aggregation of trips helps to cover more ground while simultaneously achieving better vehicle utilization. This supports organizations in expanding their service while keeping costs low.

Resolve Driver Shortages 

FlexRide can support transportation demand management programs to increase trips per hour through automated routing. This allows for more efficient routing because more passengers are carried along one route, compared to on-demand transportation which is often routed for one or a couple of passengers. This means that fewer drivers can complete more trips, and those trips are routed for efficiency. 

Support Rider Experience 

With FlexRide, riders can make a request a day before their trip by selecting the time when they want to arrive at their destination in the morning and selecting the time they want to depart for their afternoon or evening return trip. After the cutoff time, TripShot automatically aggregates trip requests and notifies each rider of their unique pickup time. This paired with TripShot’s real-time route tracking means that riders have more control over their trip and know exactly when they will arrive on campus.

Minimize Cancellation Impacts

The automation capabilities of FlexRide result in greater efficiencies for administrators, drivers and riders alike. Riders have the power to cancel their reservation, and in turn the system will automatically pull from the waitlist to fill their spot. To personalize requests, riders can rank their preferred arrival time. Transit administrators can let FlexRide do the work of managing cancellations and waitlists, saving time, minimizing the impact of rider cancellations and resulting in better vehicle utilization.

Powering a More Efficient Fleet

FlexRide allows transportation professionals not just to scale their fleet, but elevate their transportation system with flexible transportation solutions. The automatic route optimization, accessible fleet insights and better vehicle utilization that FlexRide brings to a transportation program result in greater efficiency without greater costs.