FlexRide’s Dynamic Waitlist

Powering automated, ranked and user-friendly commuting

TripShot’s FlexRide feature is all about bringing together the efficiency of fixed route transit with the convenience of on-demand transportation and moving commuters with more predictable shared transportation options. The FlexRide waitlist furthers convenience, by giving riders trip ranking options and dynamic updates designed for an optimized rider experience and administrative efficiency. 

How it Works

If there isn’t space available for a riders preferred FlexRide trip, TripShot’s FlexRide Waitlist makes it easy for riders to join a waitlist and rank their preferred options for other trips. Riders can see where they are in the queue, allowing them to determine how likely they are to get a seat on that route. On the backend, TripShot will automatically update the rider’s status when other riders cancel or space becomes available. This helps riders secure the best available travel option and maximizes vehicle utilization for administrators. 

Key Differences from Traditional Waitlists 

  1. Ranked and Dynamic: Riders can rank their preferred trips and TripShot will automatically adjust to honor their requests as space becomes available. This is a stark contrast to spreadsheet or written waitlists that don’t adapt in real-time and require manual processes.
  2. Automation: TripShot automates the process of waitlist changes and eliminates the need for manual updates and notifications. Transportation administrators gain significant time savings compared to using manual methods. FlexRide waitlist allows administrators to see which routes have a high waitlist to better understand which routes riders prefer.
  3. Efficiency and Fairness: The FlexRide waitlist treats all users equally, aiming to maximize overall satisfaction while prioritizing the most efficient vehicle utilization. 

Supporting Transportation Admins

The FlexRide waitlist means more time savings for transportation professionals. Automated waitlists minimize administrative tasks, empowering staff to focus on more strategic work and improving the transportation system. Batch scheduling and automated updates provide valuable data insights. This data can be used to make informed improvements and adjustments to your transportation program

Riders can now self-serve by managing their waitlist requests within the TripShot Rider App. This makes the process more user-friendly and reduces friction between managing and approving waitlist requests. 

Elevated User Experience

The FlexRide Waitlist means an enhanced user experience. A typical workflow within the TripShot Rider App includes:

  1. Initial Request Screen: Riders can review the number of open spots within a given FlexRide trip. If the trip is full, they can see the queue for the waitlist.
  2. Route Rankings: The rider can then select their preferred trips. The first route selected is the first choice, the second is the second choice and so on. If an option is unchecked by the rider, the ranking automatically adjusts.
  3. Request Confirmation: Once a rider makes their selections, they can confirm their requests.
  4. Managing Trips: Riders can navigate to the “My Trips” section to cancel ranked requests. If the request is canceled, rankings associated with it are canceled and must be rebooked if needed.

Moving into the Future of Transportation 

Streamlining waitlists and their administrative burden provides a more efficient and fair ranking system while supporting administrators and creating a more responsive transportation system.

Because of FlexRide waitlist, administrators can focus more on strategic work like making data-driven decisions for route optimization, elevating service quality and improving the overall transportation experience for everyone.

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