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Just as vibrant leaves begin to fall off the trees, some of the most prominent transportation conferences are quickly approaching. TripShot is preparing for a season of innovation, inspiration and connection at these events across the US. Autumn is a time of transformation,  and the transportation industry continues to adapt to evolving commuting patterns, new sustainability goals and much more. Read on about the conferences we will be attending over the next few months and what we hope to accomplish as we come together to share insights and chart the future of transportation demand management.

  • Campus Parking & Transportation (CPTA) Conference
    October 1-4, Columbus, OH
    We begin our conference schedule with the highly anticipated CPTA Conference. This event will bring together parking and transportation professionals to demonstrate the latest parking and transportation management technology. We’ll exchange ideas about the cost savings and mode shift possibilities of managing parking and other transportation with one unified solution.
  • APTA: EXPO 2023 & APTA: TRANSform Conference 2023
    October 8-11, Orlando, FL
    We’re thrilled to be participating in this longstanding industry event bringing together hundreds of operators, innovators and visionaries from across the country. In Orlando, we’ll discuss the latest industry trends and policies that are changing the public transportation landscape. We’re excited participate in this conference, advancing public transportation technology.
  • Southwest Parking & Transportation Conference
    October 23-25, Las Vegas, NV
    TripShot will be sponsoring this annual conference. This event brings together leaders in parking and transportation in the southwest and beyond. We look forward to discussing the synergy between parking and mobility solutions, parking technology partnerships and more.
  • TDM Forum
    November 2-3, Los Angeles, CA
    The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) hosts the annual Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Forum to bring together leaders from the commuter transportation industry. Discussions will include the importance of climate action through commuter transportation programs as well as addressing the latest trends with the return to the office. We’re looking forward to participating in insightful discussions on how TDM can align with a more sustainable and flexible future commuting future.
  • The California Mobility & Parking Association (CMPA) Annual Conference
    November 6-10, San Jose, CA
    TripShot will be attending this annual conference. The CMPA aims to advance the public parking and mobility profession in the state of California by providing a forum for its members to interact, exchange ideas and information, and provide technical and legislative support. We look forward to discussing the benefits of managing both parking and other transit services with one unified solution, creating more efficiency, cleaner data and a better user experience for transit professionals and riders. 
  • Cal Transit
    November 15-17, Pasadena, CA
    California is one of the largest states in the US, hosting a huge public transportation industry. TripShot is thrilled to be participating in one of the leading state-wide events for public transit. Here we’ll connect with industry leaders, share insights and work together to find new solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the public transportation industry in California. 

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Conferences offer a unique opportunity to connect with valued customers, meet new people and build consensus with others to drive positive change in the transportation industry. We hope you will find us at one of our booths, in a session, or making our way around the expos. Team TripShot can’t wait to discuss parking management, transportation trends, climate action goals and cutting-edge strategies to lead into the future of transportation.