5 Reasons to Offer Your Employees a Commute Benefit

Make the commute easier and more predictable

A Changing Transportation Landscape

The commute is always changing. Solutions like TripShot power transit systems that can flex to the unique and evolving needs of employees that commute to campus.

The Benefits of Employee Commuter Programs

TripShot can help companies and other organizations set standards for employees that commute to and from campus. Whether hybrid, full-time face-to-face environments or frequently changing schedules, TripShot powers transit services that meet some of the most important needs of corporate campuses today. 

Predictability and Productivity

Offering scheduled transit service to commuting employees makes their journey more predictable and with TripShot’s True-Time® arrival notifications, employees will know exactly when their rides will arrive. Transit service removes the stress of driving to work and encourages employees to arrive refreshed and ready for the day. 


Employees want to feel confident about their commute. Transit service removes concerns about unpredictable gas prices, traffic delays and fatigue. Workers access more transit options and can enjoy a smooth vehicle boarding experience with badging, a digital wallet or a digital boarding pass. TripShot offers Reservations and a capacity meter to help employees feel confident taking company-provided transit service to work.

Sense of Community

Transit service for commuters offers another opportunity for employees to interact and better connect a corporate campus. This can lead to increased employee retention, more ideas exchanged and more innovation.

Attract Top Talent

Transit service, powered by TripShot’s industry-leading software, is another tool to recruit the best talent. Companies that make it easier for their employees to come to work by using a cloud-based mobility management solution like TripShot can attract and retain talented employees with this benefit.

Value Alignment

Workers want their employers to align with their values. Transit service offers a more sustainable transportation option for employees and another metric for companies to track and achieve corporate goals. TripShot takes sustainability seriously and develops solutions that empower our corporate customers to meet their sustainability and climate action goals.

Building Rider Trust

TripShot is trusted by a majority of leading tech company campuses in the US. These leading companies offer a commute benefit to their employees to support a thriving corporate campus environment. TripShot’s knowledge of private transit systems is at the heart of our SaaS platform. Every day we continue to innovate, create new features, and bring the TripShot brand of streamlined simplicity and ease-of-use to even more employee transit touchpoints.