Wayne Lewis

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer

For over twenty years, Wayne has been drawn to the big challenges in engineering, product, and business. As TripShot’s CEO and Director of Engineering, his most important work is building the teams that can conquer those big challenges in mobility. A Co-Founder of Exavolve and former CTO of Everyone.net, Wayne has been at the forefront of SaaS development and leads with the knowledge that an innovative, well-engineered, and scalable solution can change an industry.

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Annabelle Lim

Director of Internal Business Operations

Chana Brooke

Director of Product

Jennifer Gippetti

Vice President of Customer Success

Michael Cunningham

Director of Business Development

Ray Bernheim

Director of Implementation & Training

Richard Gola

Director of Professional Services and Analytics

Tin Le

Director of IT

Tracy Smith

Director of Marketing

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