What Is Tripshot?

Tripshot is a real time commuter management system designed to optimize commuter transportation

Our Mission: Optimize The Commute.

After observing the challenges employers face getting their employees to and from work in crowded metro areas, we asked ourselves:

How we can help solve this global problem?

With our strong background in software product development, large-scale SAAS deployments, and selling and supporting large enterprises, we set upon our present course to solve this problem.

In 2014, Tripshot was born.


We Believe...

Transportation is ripe with meaty problems in need of well engineered solutions.


Good ideas come from everywhere, and we encourage healthy discussion and debate on the team.

Focus on the Important Stuff

Differentiate the business by tackling the difficult problems. No bikeshedding.


Find people with the skills, experience, and maturity to own a problem but know when they need to ask for help - then let them loose. As a fully distributed company we rely on people who can own problems, and deliver solutions.


Our Story

Our roots are in corporate custom SaaS solutions since 2008

Tripshot's story starts long before Tripshot itself was born.

Our roots are in corporate custom SaaS serving top Fortune 500 companies in the Bay Area.

As we worked closely with corporations with commute programs, various problems and inefficiencies became clear in the existing suite of commute transport applications.

Delayed location data, unreliable ETA reporting and the lack of visibility meant transport systems were unable to run efficiently, causing SLA violations, lost productivity and large company expenses.

As we grew the capabilities of our custom software applications, we wanted to use our expertise to tackle this technology gap and we set out on a path to develop a solution.

In 2014, Tripshot was founded and took with it our 50+ years of combined cloud computing experience, networking, security, corporate transit and program management experience.

Our experience and expertise allow us to offer a unique full-service delivery model to fully encompass the needs of the end user in IT design, development, hosting and support.

All dedicated to optimizing the way we commute.

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