Tripshot 2017 Year In Review

As we reflect on 2017 we take great pride in how far we’ve come both as a transportation demand management solution and as a company.

Tripshot continues to build our reputation as a company that delivers on its promises, supports customers with experts, and has a vision that aligns with that of our customers.

From day one our vision has been ambitious but simple: to optimize the commute.

We’re working towards this vision with a tightly integrated solution covering Fixed Route, On-Demand, Public Transportation, Vanpool, Carpool, Biking, and the resource / asset management to run those operations.

In this article we’ll look at what we achieved in 2017 to bring this vision even closer.

3 Year Anniversary

We took the time to meet up with the entire team to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. It was incredible to come together and look at our growth over the last 3 years and our ambitious plans for the future.

All Staff Company Meeting – September 2017

Feature Development

Over the course of 2017 we have grown the feature set of Tripshot to become the leading transportation demand management solution. Existing systems lack the complete feature set needed to run an efficient fleet and commute program and this is where we seized our opportunity. The engineering work and application development that went into the Tripshot software in 2017 put Tripshot in a category of its own.

Let’s explore some of the key features that were added to Tripshot in 2017:

Tripshot Pay

Tripshot Pay revolutionizes the way commute programs are funded. Riders can pay part of their cost out of pocket or with pre-tax commuter incentives, which opens a huge opportunity for our shuttle fleets and companies.

Vanpool / Carpool

Pooling is the most affordable alternative commute option that companies can offer their employees and Tripshot makes it easy to set up. Riders use Tripshot’s intuitive Rider App to organize their rideshare, while companies have complete visibility into usage with real-time reporting.


Automated dispatch and real-time reporting are the core of our On-Demand feature. Riders use the Tripshot Rider App to request a ride and see ETAs with up-to-the-second GPS data accuracy. Vehicles are intelligently assigned based on proximity, current heading, capacity, and customizable matching logic.


With the first deadline to comply with the ELD mandate passing in December 2017, it was essential that we included compliance capabilities. In Q4 2017 we delivered our ELD / DVIR capability, with driver check-in, Pre-Trip and Post-Trip DVIR, and driver time logging – all data tightly tied to dispatch operations and incident reporting.

Transit Screens

Transit screens give access to routes, scheduled departure / arrival times, status, and more – in a large display format. This is an example of a typical perk for just being a Tripshot customer – a new, valuable feature gets rolled out without requiring any additional cost.

Incident / Asset Management

The Incidents feature within Tripshot is being adopted by our customers as their primary way to track operational issues, including vehicle maintenance and cleaning schedules. With our integration with DVIR we offer the most streamlined tool to run transportation operations.


We launched “next gen dashboards” to provide the most robust and customizable way to view your operations. Dashboards are completely customizable to suit the information you need close to your fingertips to run an efficient fleet.

Award: Association for Commuter Transportation 40 Under 40

Congratulations to Nicole Le for being awarded with the Association for Commuter Transportations 40 Under 40 Award!

From the ACT website: These awards recognize leaders who are committed to developing programs that shift behavior and create long-lasting change within their communities and organizations. Their work makes a very real difference: their creative solutions are bringing about an improved quality of life for commuters and increased livability of communities, resulting in a better future for everyone.

What’s Coming In 2018

We don’t want to spoil all our secrets, but we will say that our focus of 2018 is to further tighten the integration between the core features of Tripshot and enhance the entire system based on our customers’ feedback. We’re also on the cusp of releasing our complete UI overhaul which we can’t wait to show off, so keep a look out for a new and improved visual interface across all web and mobile apps soon.

Here’s to a great year in 2018 as we continue to optimize the commute!