SFMTA Compliancy Updates

The Tripshot platform has built-in functionality to help ensure your operation meets SFMTA’s Commuter Shuttles requirements which include SFTMA Stop and GPS Telemetry reporting. Tripshot will help reduce SFMTA fines by providing instant notifications for any non-arterial violations, easy to generate reports, and can provide drivers with turn-by-turn navigations throughout their travel. This provides the Operations team the needed visibility to make corrective actions.

SFMTA Non-arterial Streets Map Integration

The Tripshot platform helps Shuttle Operators identify which roads are non-arterial (not permitted) streets based on the length and weight characteristics of their shuttle. This allows Operations to modify the navigational lines of a specific route so drivers can see which streets are permitted and will get accurate turn-by-turn directions to avoid any violations. Everyone is now on the same page of which streets should be used during San Francisco rides.


Add Vehicle Weight and Length

Accurate alerts for SFMTA violations require knowledge of which type of shuttles are being driven. Vehicles now have a property of Weight and Length which is used to determine which streets are permitted or not.

Real-time Alerts and Reports for SFMTA Violations

Real-time alerts will appear in the Dispatch view if a shuttle travels down a non-arterial SFMTA streets. A report can also be run across any date for SFMTA violations. Clicking on a violation entry will automatically bring up a map view that shows the precise date/time, driver, and ride information. Analyzing and investigating a violation could not be easier.

The Tripshot platform will help streamline shuttle operations, improve customer service, and gives the visibility needed to prevent SFMTA violations.