Ride Smart with Tripshot Pay

Tripshot is passionate about solving real-world commute transportation problems and today we’re excited to announce a new feature to make it even easier for commuters to travel.

Riders have been able to use the Tripshot Rider App to plan their journey from their home to their office, on multiple travel modalities, with real-time ETAs and intelligent notifications.

Today, we take that a step further by making it easier for riders to pay for their trip with their phone using Tripshot Pay.

Tripshot Pay helps commuters travel easier by providing a smart way to purchase tickets. Riders simply top up their wallet balance in the Tripshot app, then pay for tickets directly from their phone as they board their ride.

Riders can do away with manual and cash payments and use Tripshot Pay’s wallet feature that is seamlessly integrated into the Tripshot Rider App.

Using Tripshot Pay to purchase tickets is a simple process and can be done anytime, anywhere. Riders can simply:

  1. Add balance to your wallet
  2. Purchase A Ticket .
  3. Show Boarding Code

Learn more about Tripshot Pay Process

Purchased tickets display as unique and clearly identifiable boarding codes, which riders present to the driver for quick visual validation as they board.

Tripshot is the only Transportation Management System focused on optimizing the commute and Tripshot Pay is one of the many features that help achieve that goal.

Know your commute options, view ETAs in real-time and arrive on time with Tripshot.