Tripshot Adds On Demand and Microtransit to Support End-to-end Commuter Transit

SAN JOSE, CA – Transportation software company, Tripshot, launched On Demand and Microtransit services to help commuters move effortlessly from one place to another in the most stress-free and time-efficient manner possible. The company hopes to optimize commuter transportation through these two major additions to its transportation platform.

Tripshotʼs Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Partnerships, Nicole Le, stated that they are proud to offer On Demand and Microtransit options to support more efficient transportation for companies, hospitals, cities, and Paratransit operations. Tripshot is a cloud-based company that continues to lead the NextGen AVL space by offering customers an all-in-one solution for Fixed Route, On Demand, and Microtransit services. There are a growing number of transportation options available today, but the problem is not about the availability of these options, itʼs that various modes of transportation are offered by different service providers who follow different schedules and use different apps without a central solution that unites everything. This creates a disjointed and complex journey that is difficult to plan and monitor. A big pain point for many riders is that as traffic congestion and traffic delays increase many of the apps they use donʼt offer real-time GPS and accurate ETAs. This approach also makes it difficult to understand how fleets are being used and to be able to spot inefficiencies and issues. Tripshot aims to solve this problem by adding On Demand and Microtransit to its fleet management software.

Tripshotʼs On Demand service reduces wait times for riders as vehicles are smartly assigned based on current heading, customizable matching logic with the ability to optimize trips by pooling other requests, proximity, and capacity. Using the Tripshot Rider App, these features can be combined with Tripshotʼs Fixed Route service giving riders the ability to view and choose which works best for their trip. Shuttle Operators can add On Demand to their service in off-peak times to reduce the costs of running larger vehicles that do not have complete occupancy and swapping to Fixed Route with larger vehicles during peak times.

With Tripshot, fleets can also view all routes, traffic data, assets, badging and ETAs in real time from a single dashboard. Moreover, they can predict delays and implement adjustments to stay on schedule using live traffic data, intelligent notifications, and automated driver check-ins. Tripshotʼs On Demand service also provides advanced reporting. Companies and fleets can replay historical routes with comprehensive data point intervals and get report templates in only a few clicks. This helps them determine inefficiencies at the vehicle, driver, and route level.

Tripshot is compatible with 4G enabled smart devices, so transport companies can choose their own hardware or use what they already have to set it up with ease. All of these features can help provide fleet operations, public transportation networks, and riders with a better commuting experience. This can increase ridership and reduce stress for riders and companies.

About Tripshot

Tripshot enhances mobility for cities, campuses, communities and companies through its real-time GPS platform. By combining all aspects of transportation management features into a single-source solution, Tripshot saves time and money while improving efficiency in a new era of expanding mobility options. Currently, Tripshot moves tens of thousands of passengers every day as the trusted mobility platform for many Bay Area Fortune 500 companies. Follow us TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook or visit