End-to-End Transportation with Tripshot On Demand

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In an ideal world, people would be able to move effortlessly from place to place in the most time-efficient and stress-free way possible.

With more options available now than ever before, the problem isn’t about having more transportation modes available, it’s that different modes are mostly offered by different service providers with different schedules and different apps, without a central solution to tie it all together.

This creates a complex and fragmented journey for riders that’s difficult to plan, track, and then complete from the doorstep of point A to the doorstep of point B.

The fragmented approach also makes it difficult to get an accurate understanding of usage across an entire transportation network.

Enter Tripshot On Demand

We’re proud to announce the release of Tripshot’s On Demand solution to bring end-to-end transportation under one roof.

Tripshot On Demand is the most flexible form of transportation as it allows for a rider to select their pick-up and drop-off location at a time suitable for their needs. This drastically improves the ability for people to get where they need to go as efficiently as possible.

Tripshot’s solution reduces rider wait time as vehicles are intelligently assigned based on proximity, current heading, capacity, and customizable matching logic. On Demand can also be combined with Tripshot Fixed Route service to give your program flexibility for Last Mile and Micro-transit services.

By utilizing an all-in-one TMS with On Demand such as Tripshot, companies are able to provide an end-to-end transportation solution for their riders, with real-time visibility of vehicles, riders and drivers in a single unified dashboard.

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We’re excited to see how Tripshot’s On Demand service is used to help provide a better commuting experience for communities, companies, fleets and public transportation networks.

Are you interested in learning more about Tripshot On Demand? Schedule a demo to see the full feature set of Tripshot and how implementation is a simple turnkey approach.