All The Features You Need For
Efficient Commuter Transportation

Here's what's under the hood of Tripshot


Unified Dashboard

Get complete visibility and control of routes, vehicles, schedules and reporting from within a single, unified dashboard to keep your fleet efficient and on-time.


Route Manager

Add, edit and remove route schedules on the fly in just a few clicks.

Easily map route stops within an intuitive interface or automate the process with suggested routes.

Trip Planner

The multi-modal trip planner helps riders travel easier with integrated walking, biking and driving directions, real-time ETAs, closest stop locations and intelligent notifications.

Intelligent Alerts

Predict delays before they happen to ensure your fleet stays on schedule.

Shuttle near capacity? Driver late?

Set custom alerts that are specific to the way your fleet operates to always stay one step ahead.


Passenger counting is as simple as tapping the screen, with integration available for automatic badge readers.

Ridership counts are reported in real time at the stop, route and shuttle level, with custom reports to show complete count history.

Advanced Reporting

Robust reporting including history replay helps you pinpoint inefficiencies at the driver, vehicle and route level.

Generate custom reports in a few clicks, making quarterly reporting as simple as pressing a button.


Navigate local and federal regulations with ease, including SFMTA's Commuter Shuttles Stop Data and Arterial Roads requirements.

Manage and report on SFMTA stops in real-time, map view of SFMTA non-arterial roads, determine street restrictions and get real-time alerts when a vehicle travels down a non-arterial street.

On Demand Transportation

Ride-hailing, automated dispatch, and robust reporting for the needs of on-demand transportation.

Riders have shorter wait times as Tripshot intelligently assigns vehicles based on proximity, current heading, capacity, and customizable matching logic.

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Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

Continuous data logging and real-time reporting to meet compliance needs for Electronic Logging Devices.

Tripshot runs on 4G enabled smart devices to your fleet can save on costs by selecting your own compliant hardware or use what you already have available.

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Vanpool & Carpool Made Easy

Pooling is the most affordable alternative commute option that companies can offer their employees and Tripshot makes it easy to set up.

Riders use Tripshot’s intuitive Rider App to organize their rideshare, while companies have complete visibility into usage, with real-time reporting.

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Tripshot Pay

Simple, secure and cashless fare based ticketing with built-in payments and validation.

Riders simply top up their wallet balance in the Tripshot app, then pay for tickets directly from their phone as they board their ride.

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Implementation & Support

From implementation and beyond, our dedicated team will help you make smart decisions to optimize your operations.

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