When the world changes, we adapt.

At TripShot, we know the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the transportation landscape, from workforces going remote to increased concerns over public health and safety. To regain momentum for sustainable, shared transit, we’re leveraging technology to help restore ridership and maintain policies that keep riders, drivers, operators, and technicians safe and confident in their transportation.


Build rider trust and peace of mind by giving them greater control over their journey.

  • Provide seat availability and capacity views
  • Reduce unnecessary interactions between riders
  • Create better boarding without a crowd
  • Compatibility with contact tracing efforts

On Demand

Help keep riders distanced by offering them more options for transportation.

  • Encourage rider comfort with new transit options
  • Handle overflow capacity to maintain social distancing
  • Supplement larger bus fleets with smaller vehicles


Keep riders safe with contactless exchanges.

  • Issue tickets and passes digitally
  • Smooth boarding and disembarking process
  • Utilize contactless payment natively in app


Put riders at ease with regular updates.

  • Show riders on-board capacity before they board
  • Notify riders when vehicles have been cleaned and sanitized
  • Highlight what safety measures are in place on each vehicle

We’re Here To Help

If you'd like to discuss your recent operational adaptations or learn about the solutions we've created to meet the challenges of the pandemic, we want to hear from you.

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