How Commuter Shuttle Programs Increase Employee Productivity

A happy, stress-free employee is a productive one.

As your organization expands and acquires a diverse pool of talent, it’s vital that you find ways to ensure that your team is able to concentrate on their work without having to worry about details like finding parking or waiting out in the cold to catch the evening train.

A commuter shuttle program can go a long way to provide a better commuting experience for your employees, enabling them to best focus on your company’s mission.

A well-executed employee transportation program is an employee perk used by top fortune 500 companies across the country to attract top talent and gain employee loyalty.

Enhance Employee Retention

Any company that fails to make employee retention a priority risks seeing their turnover rate spike.

According to Mark Murphy, the CEO of Leadership IQ and author of The Deadly Sins of Employee Retention, it is possible for turnover rates to jump from 5% to 50% seemingly overnight. Prevent this from striking your organization by integrating perks that inspire employee loyalty.

Public transportation, while an often cost-effective means of commuting for employees, can pose a great deal of stress due to having to change modes of transportation or juggle complex and unwieldy schedules.

Eliminate this by incorporating industry-leading shuttle services that make it easy for your employees to know all their commuting options and enjoy their journey stress-free.

From your employee’s perspective, a corporate sponsored transportation service saves them time and money while allowing them to get a head start on their work before they enter the building, as most transportation options include onboard WIFI. It’s also an opportunity for co-workers to interact with each other before and after their workday.

Reduce Expenses

Leasing or building dedicated parking spaces requires a significant initial outlay as well as the ongoing costs of parking lot security, parking tracking system and maintenance.

Unless you have planned your company’s parking needs with growth in mind, it can be difficult and costly to expand your available parking spaces to accommodate for future employee expansion.

Corporate commute programs help companies better control the costs associated with employee transportation, as they typically operate on a fixed cost schedule and can scale the number of your commuter transportation vehicles with your company as it grows.

Employees wallets benefit too, as section 132(F) of the Federal tax code provides employees with fringe benefits that can go up to $130 per month for qualified commuter expenses.

Reduce Environmental Impact

The more single occupancy vehicles on the road the greater the strain put on the environment.

Approximately 40% of fuel consumption in large cities is due to transportation, with the majority of this consumption occurring during peak commuting travel times.

Companies that encourage alternative commute options can have a significant impact on the environment and improve employees’ quality of life.

Commuting via carpool and vanpool can have a substantial positive impact by lowering single occupancy vehicles, reducing traffic congestion, promoting relationship building and saving money.

The San Francisco County Transport Authority reports that existing privately operated shuttle services have reduced the number of miles driven by 28.7 million, saving significant quantities of greenhouse gas emissions.

Many cities, regional authorities and companies are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, by reducing the number of car parking spaces available and instead promoting the use of alternative commuting methods and privately run shuttle services.

Improve Time Management

By understanding how employees get to work and the time spent doing so, companies are able to improve how they approach the start of each workday.

A shuttle program enables companies to determine the route, timing, and stop placement in order to maximize convenience and efficiency for your highly valued team members.

When paired with effective communication tools, like VPN-equipped hotspots, employees can even be productive while on the way to and from the office.

Enable your staff to get more done in less time so they will be able to develop the work/life balance needed to advance your projects without becoming burned out.

This strategy has been utilized by leading Fortune 500 companies to get the most out of their staff without the risk of losing new talent in a highly competitive marketplace.

Get Your Employees on Board Today

Make certain that your staff has the ability to get to work without having to deal with the stress of traffic or finding an elusive and expensive parking space.

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