APTA 2018 Bus & Paratransit Conference in Tampa

The 2018 Bus & Paratransit Conference was held between May 6th and 9th at the Tampa Marriott Waterside in beautiful Tampa, Florida. For four days transportation technology leaders and transit system operators met to discuss how mass transit is changing throughout North America in 2018 and beyond.

Tripshot was honored with the opportunity to participate in this exposition, showcasing how our technology is improving the riders’ experiences while eliminating many of the challenges that come with creating and maintaining the most effective routes possible.

Core Features of the Conference

The conference was focused on two main things: recognizing the best mass transit systems available and giving industry players the opportunity to gauge what innovations were about to shake the transportation world to its core.

Safety Awards

Mass transit is experiencing a renaissance in North America, thanks to a combination of increased urban development and the rise of ultra-safe vehicles. The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) chose to recognize the best mass transit providers by awarding the best transit organizations, according to the number of passenger trips recorded throughout the year.

Presentations of New Technologies

Numerous innovative companies, including Tripshot, have spent the last year developing technologies that will revolutionize how the average person goes to work, shops, and spends time with friends and family. More than 200 companies set up booths showing the public upcoming releases, making the conference the place to be for business owners, civic leaders, and interested members of the Tampa public.

Zero Emission Goals

Major markets worldwide have made it clear that mass transit will need to transition to a zero-emissions model in the near future. For businesses hoping to roll out corporate mass transit, this means that the vehicles coming down the line will be electric. This will require a fundamental shift in how vehicles are powered, resulting in an evolution in the underlying transit infrastructure we use everyday.

Tripshot is helping businesses stay at the head of this wave by developing technology that will make it easy for route planners to incorporate these changing needs into existing route planning. Imagine – a single OTA update five years down the line that can potentially inform your transit managers of new energy sources right at the heart of your operations!

Tripshot’s Booth

We are proud to have been a part of this event. Our booth, #206, was a success with many of the attendees stopping by to see how we are revolutionizing the mass transit industry.

In particular, we showcased a wide variety of new technologies that included:

Tripshot Pay

Many companies only partially subsidize the cost of mass transit – meaning that collecting fares from employees is an essential part of any corporate transit system. We make it easy to seamlessly handle these payments by incorporating a secure, cashless ticketing process that can be used with popular payment providers such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Integrating Car and Van Pooling into Trip Planner

Mass transit goes beyond buses. At Tripshot, we understand that there are many instances in which it makes sense to transition riders to smaller vehicles. For instance, if your employees drive to a central pickup spot – why not incorporate the car into the system? This will improve accountability while making it easier for route planners to make accurate demand projections over both the short and long terms.

Improved Compliance with Electronic Logging Devices

Tripshot has been hard at work making certain that our Trip Planner system is fully compliant with current continuous data logging and real-time reporting regulations. It is our mission to make your transit system as transparent and easy to use as possible.

Tripshot On Demand

One of the greatest challenges with modern transit is the fact that people need to be on the move around the clock. Transit schedules can hinder this, especially in situations in which the employee doesn’t know when he will be needed. Tripshot On Demand solves this by enabling the employee to simply reach out and request a ride when it is most convenient to him.

About Tripshot

Tripshot optimizes commutes through intelligent transportation solutions. We provide organizations with a platform to manage the full scope of their transportation programs with real-time accuracy, dynamic reports, and key dispatch/admin operational workflows. Our all-in-one transit software includes Fixed Route, Vanpool/Carpool, On Demand, Tripshot Pay, ELD, Asset Management and more. Tripshot delivers a solution that alleviates the common challenges with transportation and allows for a more efficient and pleasant commuting experience