The ACT International Conference 2016: All Roads Lead to Portland in July!

Tripshot: A Proud Gold Sponsor  

The Association of Commuter Transportation is the leading international trade and advocacy body in the fields of commuter transportation and transportation demand management (TDM). Its annual conferences are one of the highlights of the calendar year in the industry. Tripshot is proud to announce its association with this year’s ACT International Conference as a Gold Sponsor.

The 2016 iteration of the event is slated to be held in Portland, USA between July 31st and August 3rd.        

Why is the Conference a big deal?

As far as gatherings of industry professionals go, the ACT conference is right up there at top of the events list for TDM and shared-use mobility sector in terms of scale as well as significance. The conference attracts hundreds of delegates from the US, Canada, Europe as well as Australia.

The event offers fantastic networking opportunities with representatives of businesses, transport departments, local government and civic bodies, transport management and planning associations, agencies, consultants and vendors, all key stakeholders within the TDM sector.

Why Attend?

For individuals, enterprises and organizations closely linked to the modern transport management business, events of this magnitude offer a unique opportunity to interact with their peers.

Such gatherings are always about making connections and acquiring new insights about the business.

Here are a few benefits potential attendees to the ACT International Conference 2016 stand to gain from the event:

  • Learn from the Best: The event is chock-full of educational opportunities: over 30 breakout sessions, tours and professional development sessions helmed by some of the top innovators and experts in transports management. You have been warned: better come prepared to be
  • Build new Networks: Now this is a bit of a no-brainer really. Networking is one of the main reasons why events and conferences exist in the first place. The ACT event brings together transports management professionals, entrepreneurs and administrators on to a same platform. With recreational tours, meetings and conferences, there are plenty of opportunities to build new connections with colleagues as well as experts.
  • Meet the vendors and service providers: Any event that attracts representatives from all major businesses in the sector as exhibitors gives important insights into the current state and future direction of the sector as a whole. The ACT 2016 event will see some of the biggest names in the business rubbing shoulders with new startups as well as up-and-coming service providers.
  • Learn from Portland: The City of Roses is one of the leaders in sustainability innovations in the field of urban commuting and transport. And it is a beautiful place that begs a visit.

Who will be there?

Now on to a short spell of name dropping. We are of course, one of the Gold Partners of the event, along with Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC). Others who will grace the event with their presence include Lyft, Tripspark, Rideshark, Uber, Zagster, Boeing, ReachNow, ZipCar and others.

The Tripshot Showcase in Portland

At our Booth No:1 in Portland come July 31, the Tripshot team hopes to showcase the exciting new features and services we are offering in intelligent transport management, including:

  • Unified Fleet Management using a single app to get real time updates
  • A Single Interface Route Manager to easily schedule and edit routes on the go
  • A Comprehensive and Integrated Trip Planner
  • Intelligent Alerts and Notifications via SMS, E-mail and mobile push
  • Real time Ridership Reporting using just a single tap on the screen
  • Advanced Reporting at the press of a button

We here at the Tripshot team look forward to building on these features as well as our future plans including bike rental and van pooling, advanced accident reporting and compliance automation with valuable insights we gain from our participation in the ACT International Conference 2016.

Come join us at Portland to become a part of this exciting opportunity!