Mobility That Works for Everyone

Ensuring equal access to all users of TripShot.

Keeping TripShot Inclusive

When we say "All Aboard", we really do mean everyone. That's why we hold ourselves to the highest accessibility standards and provide resources and tools to make our experience better for those with disabilities.

P.O.U.R Accessibility

How TripShot approaches WCAG 2.1 guidelines


We maximize perceivability by leveraging alt text, captions, and alternatives to images and videos. We also design content with high-contrast colors and clear audio as well as a mind towards assistive technologies.


We increase operability through the use of keyboard navigation, seizure-safe design, UX that is easy to navigate, and by providing sufficient time for interactions.


Our platform is made easily understandable through readable content, predictable navigation, and the ability for users to avoid and correct mistakes.


TripShot platforms are compatible with other products, including assistive technologies like screen readers and magnifiers.

Accessibility Conformance Reporting

We publish Accessibility Conformance Reports in VPAT®2.4 format to share the compliance details of our Rider Apps and Rider Web App. To learn about the accessibility of our products, find and download a report for the appropriate platform below.

Together, we'll make mobility more inclusive for everyone.

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